Nasdaq Dubai Futures

Integrated Securities is an approved partner to Nasdaq Dubai’s Futures market, enabling clients to trade stock futures on some of the UAE’s leading and most liquid companies.

Through Integrated Securities’ platform, clients have full access to the Nasdaq Dubai Futures offering, providing an ability to make a profit when the share price of a company falls or rises. This presents a useful hedging tool and allows traders to benefit from volatility in a particular equity, as well as affording opportunities for arbitrage when the futures and underlying stock prices diverge.

The Nasdaq Dubai Futures equity products offered by Integrated Securities enables its clients to take a position on a larger pool of underlying stock (non-deliverable, but cash settled) by just paying the Initial Margin required for the contract.

In future, clients of Integrated Securities will benefit from new developments in Nasdaq Dubai’s Futures market, which are planned to include other derivatives products, such as futures on shares listed on international markets and options.

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